Counseling Center

My name is Amy Boyd, I am the School Counselor at Larue Miller Elementary in Midlothian ISD.
This page provides you with information about the School Counseling program.

MISD Counseling is centered on building relationships which positively influence student potential in diverse settings as students learn to navigate social/emotional development while focusing on excellence through purpose.


The MISD Counseling Program will be delivered by school counselors, administrators, and teachers through various means. The program will address intrapersonal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, post-secondary planning, career readiness, personal health, personal and safety. The intention of the Counseling Program is to serve students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members affiliated with MISD. Our program will have a year at glance of major activities to be completed throughout the year. It will also include integrated classroom guidance to be provided by counselors and teachers through different presentation styles including but not limited to lecture presentations, videos, games, and activities.